Aztalan Spooktacular

Halloween Spooktacular

Final race of the year this Sunday! Camp out, decorate your pits and trick or treat Saturday night. The weather forecast is looking great for race day so no excuses to not be here!

Dash For Cash

Aztalan Membership Points Updated

The Aztalan membership points have been updated through September. You can view them on the Member Series page.

October Events


KTM Demo Day, October 3rd

Aztalan Cycle Club will be hosting a KTM Demo day open to club members and non-club members alike. Demo rides will be from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Come out an enjoy yourself on a KTM (Must be 18 to ride). Thanks to Rob's Performance for organizing the event.

September Events

  • Friday, September 8th - Senior MX practice
  • Saturday, September 9th - Senior MX race
  • Sunday, September 10th - District 16 MX race
  • Saturday, September 16th - Short Track race
  • Sunday, September 17th - Short Track race

Membership Points Updated

The Membership Points page has been updated as of 8/25/2017.

Upcoming Events

  • August 11 - Track will be closed for track work. The track is also NOT open for early entry for the Saturday practice.
  • August 12 - OPEN PRACTICE – Gates open at 8am – 10pm Practice is from 9am – 2pm
  • August 13 - MX RACE – Gates open at 6am
  • August 26 - SHORT TRACK
  • September 16/17 - SHORT TRACK

Friday Practice Time Correction

The practice time for Friday, September 8th is 10:00am to 3:00pm. It was earlier listed incorrectly as 9:00am to 2:00pm.

Track closed for riding 9/6 - 9/10

The track will be closed for regular club member riding from 9/6 through 9/10 for preparation and the weekend events.

August Events

There is an upcoming MX Practice on Saturday, August 12th with a MX Race following on Sunday, August 13th. There is also a Short Track race on Saturday, August 26th. Check out the Events page for more info.

2017 Memberships Closed

Membership applications for the 2017 season are no longer being accepted.

Membership Cards and Keys

All cards and keys for those who are renewing working and both new and renewing non working members have been mailed out if that member has returned his/her 2016 key. To return said key, wrap it securely to a piece of cardboard or an index card, then fold a sheet of paper around that, and mail it off to PO Box 625, Butler WI 53007 or contact Judy about picking it up ( after making the swap) at her house in the nearby Milwaukee area.

8/3/2017 Club Member Meeting Cancelled

Tonight's club member meeting (8/3/2017) is cancelled.

July Events

There is an upcoming District 16 Motocross Race on July 7th and Short Track races on July 15th and 16th. See the Events page for times, fees and other info.

Track Closed on Friday

The track will be closed this Friday to prepare for the upcoming event. Also, the parking will be marked out for the weekend event.

2017 Pro Am on June 11

2017 Pro-Am at Aztalan Cycle Club on June 11, 2017

May 20th Short Track Cancelled

Due to recent rain and more rain in the forecast, the Short Track event for 5/20 is cancelled.

April 9th MX Race

Fear not, the track is dry and there is warm temperatures and no rain in the forecast. Come on out for the first motocross of the year at Aztalan. For times, fees and other info about the event check out the events page.

Opening day moved to April 1st

Due to rain, the opening day has been moved to Saturday, April 1st.

Club Meeting on March 2, 2017

The first general club meeting of the year will be on Thursday, March 2nd at 8:00 pm at Aztalan Inn.

2017 Membership

Membership applications are still being accepted for the 2017 season.

2017 Events

The 2017 events are now available on the events page.

2017 Membership Applications

2017 membership information and application forms are now available on the membership info page.

No club meeting in December or January

There will be no club meeting in December or January. February is still TBD at this time.

Track Closed Saturday 11/5

The track will be closed on Saturday, November 5th for clean up. There is a possibility that it will open in the afternoon.

2017 Membership

2017 Membership applications will be accepted starting in January. The application forms will be available online on January 1st.

Aztalan Member Series Points

The 2016 points have been posted for the Aztalan Member Series.

Credit Cards Accepted at Sign-Up

Aztalan Cycle Club will now be accepting all major credit cards at sign-up. (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover)

September 24th Short Track Cancelled

Due to rain, the short track race on September 24 has been cancelled.

Vet MX classes

Here are the classes for the September 10th Vet MX race

  • 18 Plus A
  • 18 Plus B/C
  • 25 Plus A
  • 25 Plus B/C
  • 30 Plus A
  • 30 Plus B/C
  • 35 Plus A
  • 35 Plus B/C
  • 40 Plus A
  • 40 Plus B/C
  • 45 Plus A
  • 45 Plus B/C
  • 50 Plus A
  • 50 Plus B/C
  • 55 Plus
  • 60 Plus
  • 125cc two-stroke
  • Dual Shock

More info about the series can be found at

Short Track rescheduled to 9/24/2016

The August short track race has been rescheduled to September 24th, 2016.

8/20/2016 Short Track race cancelled

The short track race on Saturday, August 20th had been cancelled.

8/6/2016 Track Closed 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

The track will be closed from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday, August 6th 2016.

July 17th ST Cancelled

The July 17th Short Track race has been cancelled due to rain.

MX Pro-Am in August

The motocross race on August 14th will be a Pro-Am event. There will also be a practice on Saturday. See the events page for more info.

2016 Membership Cards and Keys

To all members that have not returned 2015 track keys:
Make sure to return 2015 keys by the end of May. You can make arrangements with Judy Sumner ( to get them to her or send them in the mail by securely taping the key to a piece of cardboard; then wrapping it in paper, and then (once there are NO SHARP EDGES to be felt), mailing it to PO Box 625, Butler WI 53007. 2016 cards and keys should go out the same day that the 2015 key is received. Workers can always check with Judy on their current status/hours.

May 2016 Motocross Results

The May 2016 motocross race results have been posted. Find them on the results page or by clicking here

May 8, 2016 Race Order

  1. PeeWee Sr
  2. PeeWee Jr
  3. Noncurrent
  4. 125 Jr
  5. Masters A / Masters B/C
  6. Mini 85 Open
  7. Sportsman B/C
  8. Vet +30 A / Vet +30 B/C
  9. Women
  10. Senior +50
  11. 250 A / 250 B
  12. 250 C
  13. Unlimited A
  14. Mini 85 Sr / Mini 85 Jr
  15. Senior +40
  16. Supermini
  17. 2-Stroke
  18. Mini 65
  19. Senior +45
  20. Open A
  21. Open B

Pick up keys May 8th

Keys will be available to those who have not returned their 2015 key on Sunday, May 8th at the MX Scoring Tower.

2016 Membership Cards and Keys Update

2016 membership cards and keys are in the process of being mailed to all new non working members and all renewing members who have returned their 2015 keys. New working members will receive their card and key upon completion of their third day of work. Keys may be swapped on Sunday, May 8th at the mx tower...ask for Tom or Erin. To those who do not want to wait until 5.08.16, and want to return their keys by mail, please take note that some of the machines at some of the main postal offices have the ability to remove your key from your envelope. To avoid that, securely tape your key to a piece of cardboard; then wrap it in paper, and then (once you have decided there are NO SHARP EDGES to be felt), mail it to PO Box 625, Butler WI 53007

April 10th Motocross Race Cancelled

The track received more snow than was expected. The motocross race on Sunday April 10th is cancelled.

Due to freezing temperatures the work day on Saturday is also cancelled.

Non-Working Memberships Full

Non-working memberships are full for 2016. Working memberships are still available, see the membership info page for more information.

Aztalan Opening Day

Opening day for the track is Saturday, April 2nd. Here is a schedule of the day.

  • 8:00am - Committee Heads in Scoring Tower
  • 9:00am - General gathering at the barn and then dispersed to handle committee work
  • 1:00pm - Worker Lunch
  • 2:00pm - Annual meeting: Awards for hard workers and Club Champions presented
  • 3:00pm-4:30pm - Key dispersals provided renewals have returned their 2015 key

Membership Applications

The club is still accepting applications for 2016 membership.

2016 Membership Application/Renewal

The 2016 membership application and renewal information and forms are available on the membership info page.

2016 Event Schedule Is Posted

The 2016 motocross and short track race dates are now posted on the Event Schedule page.

Aztalan Member Erin Bodenbach Receives Junior Lofquist Award From District 16 Council

AMA District 16 Council recognized one of the younger Aztalan members with the newly created Junior Lofquist Award. It was presented to Erin Bodenbach at the annual awards banquet last week at the Kalahari Resort.

Probably thirty years ago, the district newsletter was written by Dick and Loretta Lofquist, and it was called the Lofquist Racing News. In 1995 their son asked the district board to consider recognizing that one volunteer, that one person without whom running a successful event would not be possible. That person may be in the background, but is working continuously to see that the job gets done. Vince said he would prefer it not be a racer, but it could be. Judy Sumner was the first recipient of the Lofquist Award. Over the years, a variety of volunteers have received this prestigious award.

At a meeting this summer, the board felt there were young people in our clubs and/or working our events who deserve recognition. Judy immediately thought of Erin, and nominated her to be the recipient of the first Junior Lofquist. Judy noted that Erin began coming to Aztalan and timing the heats at the short track races. Soon she was handling signup, and before you knew it, she was scoring those events. Then she began scoring the mx events as well. And she continues to do so all the while maintaining a very high grade point average at her high school. She has put in over 100 hours at Aztalan this year alone. It was a no brainer to see that Erin get this award.